GBCC Coffees

GBCC Coffees
Our coffees are artisan roasted in small batches to maximize flavor and heat-sealed in 2-ply foil valve bags to ensure freshness. All of our coffees are sold in 12-oz, 2-lb and 5-lb bags. Although we maintain a small inventory for our walk-in customers, most of our coffees are roasted to order.
The roasting process changes a green coffee bean into a bean of various roast levels. As this transition occurs, the sugars, fats and starches within the bean start to shape the body, flavor and aroma of the coffee. Coffees light roasted are usually sharper and more acidic, while darker roasted coffees have a fuller body. Our coffees are roasted as follows:
Light Roast (a.k.a. Cinnamon, New England) Beans are light brown color, dry in appearance with no visible oils.
Medium Roast(a.k.a. American, City) Medium brown color, some oils are present.
Dark Roast(a.k.a. French, Viennese) Very dark Brown to black in color with significant amount of oils.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome - please call us for pricing @603-329-3644
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