Lavazza Wholebean Coffee

Lavazza Wholebean Coffee
Lavazza offers a variety of selections for those who prefer to grind their own beans. These coffees can be prepared with any drip coffee maker, percolator, or french press.

Lavazza Coffee Filtro Classico 2.2 lb. (bean)
A select blend of sweet South American Arabicas and spicy African Robustas. This results in an intense, full-bodied coffee with a bold taste and deep aroma.

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Lavazza Coffee Gran Filtro 2.2 lb. (bean)
100% Arabica coffee with a delicate and refined aroma. This blend of mild coffees from Central and South America delivers a full flavored cup that is sure to satisfy .

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Lavazza GF Dark Roast Coffee 2.2 lb (bean)
A full-bodied blend of Brazilian coffees with the spicy aroma of Indian coffees. Dark roasting enhances strength and body to produce an intense, persistent aftertaste with a hint of caramel.

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Lavazza Coffee Decaf 1.1 lb. (bean)
A blend of selected coffees from South America and Asia specifically created by Lavazza for decaffeinated filter coffee. This coffee has a sweet and smooth flavor.

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